Final blog!

Well this is it…my Final blog for Bio-enterprise and employ ability… 



Over the last few months I have enjoyed going to different talks. 

When I started I had no idea how much conservation was taking place all around me, I was even convinced into liking zoo again because of the talk from Chester zoo.. before that talk I really didn’t like zoos! But now I know how much good they can do, I no longer hate them! 🙂 

I think the only parts of this module I didn’t really enjoy was the business plan essay. although I achieved a high mark. I felt it wasn’t planed very well. Like there was something missing.. This was probably just the way I saw it and it was completely fine. 

The dragons den was useful although felt a little rushed. even so this session was really enjoyable and I was able to work with a group that I hasn’t worked with before, who were fantastic to work with 🙂 

Before I started this module I was a little bit worried about what I was going to do in the future and because I’m quite a bui older than well.. most students on my course I was afraid that I was going to just get well to old to finally start my career. But attending the careers cafe, these thought were soon swept away. By speaking to several people there and how they didn’t complete their studies until around the same time as me and how they went on to do a PHD in their 30, gave me hope. I now know that even though I have just turned 30..                                                               

yes, yes I know I don’t look it 😉 I still have a chance at making it in my chosen career even if the rest of my colleagues are younger than me! 🙂                                      


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Writing a business plan!

What is a business plan? 

A business plan is a description of your chosen business idea and how you see your business in the future, this document will tell potential lenders what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Even by scribbling down an idea on a piece of paper is the start of a business plan, when you write a plan it becomes more of a strategy.  The overall aim of the plan is to say your starting here, you have certain resources and the ability to continually grown your business and then you want to get to a certain point (usually 5-10 years down the line) at which your business will have a new set of abilities and resources as well as an increase in profit. In other words a business plan is a time line of how you see your business in the future and how you’re going to get there. 



Although I have absolutely no idea how to write a business plan, This essay helped my understand the bits that go into the planning oF a successful business.  

If I’m completely honest I had no idea what I was writing until a few sentances in!! I did however find a couple of sites, that helped alot! 

These site helped so much so, I signed up with them to look for work. 

These are 


All of these sites are helpful not only to find a job, but if you ever did decide to start your own business then you have all the tools you need right in one place…or in this case 4 places! 😀 


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Blog comments

I seem to have made a rather daft mistake… Although I have been commenting on peoples blogs, I didn’t relies that I wouldn’t have any evidence to prove I have, SO! here are some of the comments I have made on other peoples blogs! 


Fantastic blog, illegal hunting or well hunting in general I think should be banned, we don’t need to do it now a days. It would be different if that was your only food source but people just kill for a “sport” and I strongly agree that, that should be out right banned. I enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures broke up the text nicely and you kept me focused through out the entire blog 🙂

Although your blog was quite short it was nicely written. I too don’t want to start my own business in the future but felt that writing the business plan essay helped me to understand the business process and perhaps I can use those skills else where in my career. I found it to be a little confusing to start with especially as I had no idea about anything to do with business. But after this module and seraching for a job, you can find lots of information about you future career on very helpful site 🙂

I enjoyed reading your blog. How did you find the seminar. Would you consider a career in wetland restoration? I often thought it would be quite rewarding to work on a conversational project. Doing something for the greater good 😉

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I really enjoyed this talk. I didn’t really like zoo if I’m honest but seeing all the good that Chester zoo do. my impression of them have changed. As long as the animals welfare is number one priority and everything is done above board, then zoo can be a wonderful place.


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The hitchhiker’s guide to urban forestry

Urban Forestry! What exactly is Urban forestry? 

Well a great talk from Tim Hall Friday afternoon.



What is Urban forestry? 

Well there are several different ideas as to what urban forestry actually means. 

The forestry commision states that  Urban forestry is the careful care and management of urban forests, i.e., tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment.

So any area of woodland within towns and cities or if your in Toronto you would believe that the city is within a forest.  

Tim Hall describes the definition is a woodland within 1K of a population. 

I wasn’t aware before this talk at the amount of work that the forestry commision have to do within in this area, or the fact it was indeed an area! I was under the impression that all the tree management was the councils responsibility.. Now I know 🙂 

Trees are fantastic, I agree with what TIm  that they do help with anxiety and stress. Whenever I feel either of these things I go for a walk in the woods or go sit next to a tree in the park and just watch the world go by.  



very relaxing. 


Not only do trees help with emotions by they are fantastic at helping with Air pollution and stopping flooding.  The reduce sediment runoff in urban areas and they act as wind breakers for building also aid in keeping the costs of heating and air conditioning down. 

so you would think with all these benefits that people would more open to having them in their gardens, But according to TIm people can be quite hostile to this idea.  

I find this disturbing. I can understand the fear of trees falling into houses etc, but the fact that people complain about trees blocking their Sky signal or something just as daft is just awful.


 Perhaps if trees added to people laziness, they would be more open to the idea of being surrounded by trees. But unfortunately they just do things that help the environment and general wellbeing of people…. so of course this isn’t enough. 


Here’s hoping with the fantastic work the forestry commision do, People will start being open to the idea of more trees within the urban settings 

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Red v Grey



                            The Battle of the native red squirrel against the invasive grey squirrel. 

This has and continues to be a long battle in control and public perception around the control methods.

A great talk from Craig Shuttleworth on ‘Landscape scale grey squirrel control and the European incentive. 

Some background info on the squirrels 

Red squirrels are native to Britain they have a smaller frame than the greys and are susceptible to the squirrel pox virus (parapoxvirus) which the grey squirrels are carriers of. This is an awful virus that creates liaisons and scabs around the mouth eyes and anus, which leads to the death of the squirrel within 3-4 days (Not pleasant at all).

Although the greys show no signs of the virus they are very good carriers which can create a problem capable of wiping out populations of red squirrels.  The grey has immunity but sadly according to Chris there has only been one case where a healthy red squirrel has been reported to have antibodies.

The greys have also had an effect on songbird populations, with a 15 % depression, where squirrels were present.

So these are 2 major impacts on Britain’s wildlife.

With this in mind there needs to be a methods of control.


Control needs to be effective, humane and cost effective.

Chris is involved in the control throughout Britain.

Anglesey is an area where the control has been successful.

Sadly the only effective method of control is killing. Although personally the idea of having to kill is upsetting, I understand that it is necessary to save the reds and species of songbird.

 This is an area where animal rights activists need reassuring that currently this is the only method that is effective.  

Hopefully in the future there may be a better way of control, other than killing. 

further information can be found by following this link 🙂

heres a lovely video from the Red squirrel sanctuary in Scotland 🙂 

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Dragons Den

Image Dragons Den 

Ok well maybe not THE dragons den, but the idea was the same 🙂 

Yesterday part of our Employability session, we had to come up with a new business and promote the business as though we were on dragons den.

It was a fun experience, a little rushed but Fun!  

We came up with the idea (although we later found out it already has one)  was to have a festival in Treborth botanic Gardens . This would be a festival celebrating all things Welsh … Cymru Am Byth! Image

we decided that part of our business we would receive a small amount of funds then the rest would go back into Treborth. We would have things like Treasure hunts, dog shows, Wales strongest man and I’m sure we were going to include some Welsh ladies in there                                                                       Image….somewhere.. 

we had to think of our competition, how much funds we would need and how we could promote our event.

It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.  But it’s made me think a bit more on the skill I could use in my future career and not just if I wanted to Build my own Business.

Although I did learn that I don’t make a very good presenter!

We had to make a 20 second advert for our business and well …I didn’t do a very good job at getting the message across especially as I couldn’t remember what I was saying!! (sorry guys)  

Then we had to present our business to the DRAGONS! (although I had to skip out a little early as I had an interview.)

All n all it was a fun activity and I got to work with a great group. Thank guys! 😀  thank

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Writing a CV

Writing a Cv can be quite difficult.

The Cv you write will all  depend on the  of job you’re applying for…  Also the Content of your CV should contain information which will be linked or useful for the job in question, There is no point in telling your potential employer how much you like spam..If you’re applying to work for job within the vegetarian society… I imagine they would probably tear  up your CV up and be quite offended.


If you’re going to write anything on your Cv, you should mention words such as “Team player, Transferable skills and Management skills“, (These will again depend on what role you’re applying for).

If your Cv is more than 2 pages long the chances are the employer will not bother looking through it all and end up chucking it in the bin!  MUST BE CONCISE… (this is something I personally find difficult to do!)

The types of Cvs

  •   Academic; If you’re applying for an academic position you may want to include such   things as  Research interests, Ability to attract funds, teaching experience,  admin experience and Technical skills 
  • Industrial;  Industrial applications are looking for things such as Technical skills, Research experience, Transferable skills, Project management , Commercial awareness  and  Admin experience. 
  • Non-academic; applying for a non academic post is going to be different again. Employer are going to be looking for Transferable skills (this words is everywhere!) Reason for wanting to change career, Skills experience, Admin and numeracy skills.


so as you can see there are 3 main Cv types and it’s important to tailor your cv to your chosen career….

Recently I had to change my CV.  Now that I’m coming to the end of my degree it’s probably a good idea to start looking for a job. A job that I can use what I’ve learned from the stressful experience that is university!

Now I already had  one, But it was as a Cv that I’d used many times to get a job in the retail sector and well that’s not going to be very helpful if I want a job  doing something biology related.

So I had to scrub that CV and start again!

by starting again I was able to rearrange things and think to myself…

  • What experience do I have relevent to what I’m applying for?
  • Have a mentioned the Transferable skills I have learnt from university?
  • Should I include all of my modules?
  • Will it make a difference If I mention a Clean full UK driving licence?

All these things  I thought were important to include , with of course details such as Name, Address, Contact number, email, social media sites (probably not a good idea to include facebook, unless your profile doesn’t have photos of you trollied on a saturday night!)  Education and references. Sometimes you can add a statement about yourself. But personally I think it’s better to leave that for the cover letter.  (Gives you more space for the more important things) Which I did 🙂

If you find it difficult or don’t even know where to start with a Cv, you can visit sites such as


I’ve signed up to both and they are Fantastic! even send you a Book when you signe up “Put your mindset to work” By James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz PhD 

When you’ve decided on your chosen Cv type, you send it off. you then just have to wait until someone gets back to you with an interview…. Which is a whole new ball game!!! But Thankfully, sites such as the links above can help your prepare for them 🙂

Just remember, be your self, be confident, concise and whatever you do don’t turn up to an interview looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush!!! Oh and Good LUCK! (now if only I could take my own advice!!)

Just for your entertainment…Somethings your probably shouldn’t do (>.<)

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