Writing a CV

Writing a Cv can be quite difficult.

The Cv you write will all  depend on the  of job you’re applying for…  Also the Content of your CV should contain information which will be linked or useful for the job in question, There is no point in telling your potential employer how much you like spam..If you’re applying to work for job within the vegetarian society… I imagine they would probably tear  up your CV up and be quite offended.


If you’re going to write anything on your Cv, you should mention words such as “Team player, Transferable skills and Management skills“, (These will again depend on what role you’re applying for).

If your Cv is more than 2 pages long the chances are the employer will not bother looking through it all and end up chucking it in the bin!  MUST BE CONCISE… (this is something I personally find difficult to do!)

The types of Cvs

  •   Academic; If you’re applying for an academic position you may want to include such   things as  Research interests, Ability to attract funds, teaching experience,  admin experience and Technical skills 
  • Industrial;  Industrial applications are looking for things such as Technical skills, Research experience, Transferable skills, Project management , Commercial awareness  and  Admin experience. 
  • Non-academic; applying for a non academic post is going to be different again. Employer are going to be looking for Transferable skills (this words is everywhere!) Reason for wanting to change career, Skills experience, Admin and numeracy skills.


so as you can see there are 3 main Cv types and it’s important to tailor your cv to your chosen career….

Recently I had to change my CV.  Now that I’m coming to the end of my degree it’s probably a good idea to start looking for a job. A job that I can use what I’ve learned from the stressful experience that is university!

Now I already had  one, But it was as a Cv that I’d used many times to get a job in the retail sector and well that’s not going to be very helpful if I want a job  doing something biology related.

So I had to scrub that CV and start again!

by starting again I was able to rearrange things and think to myself…

  • What experience do I have relevent to what I’m applying for?
  • Have a mentioned the Transferable skills I have learnt from university?
  • Should I include all of my modules?
  • Will it make a difference If I mention a Clean full UK driving licence?

All these things  I thought were important to include , with of course details such as Name, Address, Contact number, email, social media sites (probably not a good idea to include facebook, unless your profile doesn’t have photos of you trollied on a saturday night!)  Education and references. Sometimes you can add a statement about yourself. But personally I think it’s better to leave that for the cover letter.  (Gives you more space for the more important things) Which I did 🙂

If you find it difficult or don’t even know where to start with a Cv, you can visit sites such as



I’ve signed up to both and they are Fantastic! Reed.co.uk even send you a Book when you signe up “Put your mindset to work” By James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz PhD 

When you’ve decided on your chosen Cv type, you send it off. you then just have to wait until someone gets back to you with an interview…. Which is a whole new ball game!!! But Thankfully, sites such as the links above can help your prepare for them 🙂

Just remember, be your self, be confident, concise and whatever you do don’t turn up to an interview looking like you’ve been dragged through a bush!!! Oh and Good LUCK! (now if only I could take my own advice!!)

Just for your entertainment…Somethings your probably shouldn’t do (>.<)

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