Writing a business plan!

What is a business plan? 

A business plan is a description of your chosen business idea and how you see your business in the future, this document will tell potential lenders what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. Even by scribbling down an idea on a piece of paper is the start of a business plan, when you write a plan it becomes more of a strategy.  The overall aim of the plan is to say your starting here, you have certain resources and the ability to continually grown your business and then you want to get to a certain point (usually 5-10 years down the line) at which your business will have a new set of abilities and resources as well as an increase in profit. In other words a business plan is a time line of how you see your business in the future and how you’re going to get there. 



Although I have absolutely no idea how to write a business plan, This essay helped my understand the bits that go into the planning oF a successful business.  

If I’m completely honest I had no idea what I was writing until a few sentances in!! I did however find a couple of sites, that helped alot! 

These site helped so much so, I signed up with them to look for work. 

These are 




All of these sites are helpful not only to find a job, but if you ever did decide to start your own business then you have all the tools you need right in one place…or in this case 4 places! 😀 


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