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I seem to have made a rather daft mistake… Although I have been commenting on peoples blogs, I didn’t relies that I wouldn’t have any evidence to prove I have, SO! here are some of the comments I have made on other peoples blogs! 


Fantastic blog, illegal hunting or well hunting in general I think should be banned, we don’t need to do it now a days. It would be different if that was your only food source but people just kill for a “sport” and I strongly agree that, that should be out right banned. I enjoyed reading your blog. The pictures broke up the text nicely and you kept me focused through out the entire blog 🙂

Although your blog was quite short it was nicely written. I too don’t want to start my own business in the future but felt that writing the business plan essay helped me to understand the business process and perhaps I can use those skills else where in my career. I found it to be a little confusing to start with especially as I had no idea about anything to do with business. But after this module and seraching for a job, you can find lots of information about you future career on very helpful site 🙂

I enjoyed reading your blog. How did you find the seminar. Would you consider a career in wetland restoration? I often thought it would be quite rewarding to work on a conversational project. Doing something for the greater good 😉

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I really enjoyed this talk. I didn’t really like zoo if I’m honest but seeing all the good that Chester zoo do. my impression of them have changed. As long as the animals welfare is number one priority and everything is done above board, then zoo can be a wonderful place.


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