The hitchhiker’s guide to urban forestry

Urban Forestry! What exactly is Urban forestry? 

Well a great talk from Tim Hall Friday afternoon.



What is Urban forestry? 

Well there are several different ideas as to what urban forestry actually means. 

The forestry commision states that  Urban forestry is the careful care and management of urban forests, i.e., tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment.

So any area of woodland within towns and cities or if your in Toronto you would believe that the city is within a forest.  

Tim Hall describes the definition is a woodland within 1K of a population. 

I wasn’t aware before this talk at the amount of work that the forestry commision have to do within in this area, or the fact it was indeed an area! I was under the impression that all the tree management was the councils responsibility.. Now I know 🙂 

Trees are fantastic, I agree with what TIm  that they do help with anxiety and stress. Whenever I feel either of these things I go for a walk in the woods or go sit next to a tree in the park and just watch the world go by.  



very relaxing. 


Not only do trees help with emotions by they are fantastic at helping with Air pollution and stopping flooding.  The reduce sediment runoff in urban areas and they act as wind breakers for building also aid in keeping the costs of heating and air conditioning down. 

so you would think with all these benefits that people would more open to having them in their gardens, But according to TIm people can be quite hostile to this idea.  

I find this disturbing. I can understand the fear of trees falling into houses etc, but the fact that people complain about trees blocking their Sky signal or something just as daft is just awful.


 Perhaps if trees added to people laziness, they would be more open to the idea of being surrounded by trees. But unfortunately they just do things that help the environment and general wellbeing of people…. so of course this isn’t enough. 


Here’s hoping with the fantastic work the forestry commision do, People will start being open to the idea of more trees within the urban settings 

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One Response to The hitchhiker’s guide to urban forestry

  1. bsuccf says:


    Really enjoyed your blog.
    I like the pictures!

    I think people need to start thinking that trees are important plants that this planet needs, and hopefully more of them will be around in the future.

    Is this something you would be interested in doing in the future?

    Great Blog 😀

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