Final blog!

Well this is it…my Final blog for Bio-enterprise and employ ability… 



Over the last few months I have enjoyed going to different talks. 

When I started I had no idea how much conservation was taking place all around me, I was even convinced into liking zoo again because of the talk from Chester zoo.. before that talk I really didn’t like zoos! But now I know how much good they can do, I no longer hate them! 🙂 

I think the only parts of this module I didn’t really enjoy was the business plan essay. although I achieved a high mark. I felt it wasn’t planed very well. Like there was something missing.. This was probably just the way I saw it and it was completely fine. 

The dragons den was useful although felt a little rushed. even so this session was really enjoyable and I was able to work with a group that I hasn’t worked with before, who were fantastic to work with 🙂 

Before I started this module I was a little bit worried about what I was going to do in the future and because I’m quite a bui older than well.. most students on my course I was afraid that I was going to just get well to old to finally start my career. But attending the careers cafe, these thought were soon swept away. By speaking to several people there and how they didn’t complete their studies until around the same time as me and how they went on to do a PHD in their 30, gave me hope. I now know that even though I have just turned 30..                                                               

yes, yes I know I don’t look it 😉 I still have a chance at making it in my chosen career even if the rest of my colleagues are younger than me! 🙂                                      


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