Dragons Den

Image Dragons Den 

Ok well maybe not THE dragons den, but the idea was the same 🙂 

Yesterday part of our Employability session, we had to come up with a new business and promote the business as though we were on dragons den.

It was a fun experience, a little rushed but Fun!  

We came up with the idea (although we later found out it already has one)  was to have a festival in Treborth botanic Gardens . This would be a festival celebrating all things Welsh … Cymru Am Byth! Image

we decided that part of our business we would receive a small amount of funds then the rest would go back into Treborth. We would have things like Treasure hunts, dog shows, Wales strongest man and I’m sure we were going to include some Welsh ladies in there                                                                       Image….somewhere.. 

we had to think of our competition, how much funds we would need and how we could promote our event.

It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.  But it’s made me think a bit more on the skill I could use in my future career and not just if I wanted to Build my own Business.

Although I did learn that I don’t make a very good presenter!

We had to make a 20 second advert for our business and well …I didn’t do a very good job at getting the message across especially as I couldn’t remember what I was saying!! (sorry guys)  

Then we had to present our business to the DRAGONS! (although I had to skip out a little early as I had an interview.)

All n all it was a fun activity and I got to work with a great group. Thank guys! 😀  thank

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3 Responses to Dragons Den

  1. Ros Green says:

    Loved the video Clare…not sure the sound quality was up to much on any of the recorders. It was interesting to see all the different Treborth ideas that came up to! How’d the interview go? Just wondering how you think you learnt from this experience? I found the time pressure/management thing the most helpful, though team work was pretty fun as well. Had you met any of your team before? I didn’t know anyone in mine when we started but it’s amazing how well we worked considering.
    If you had to run this workshop yourself, what would you do differently? I’d probably get rid of the video making bit and allow more time to research the business…ie. computer session. Might make answering The Dragons questions easier. Then again, the video bit was one of the more fun parts, so maybe just have more of that kind of thing? What do you reckon?

  2. HI! the interview went..ok… I think! won’t know until a weeks time (fingers crossed!) I don’t think I had met any of my team before, I may be wrong mind. ( I have a terrible memory, so I may have done). I’ve learnt that working in a team can be fun, I’ve worked in teams before where either nobody wants to talk or when people do talk, there are “personality clashes” so it doesn’t really go well. But this time it was really fun :I also think it helped with Time management. we had a lot to do it not much time! the having to think of ideas in the space of time was so short, proved it can be done.
    If I was to run the workshop I would like you put perhaps a computer element into it (although not many people get on with computers) as well, with employment and advertising getting more ‘online’ and computer based it would be good to learn more skills for that. I would keep the video, that part was quite fun 🙂 I would maybe give more time for it. Not so much more time videoing but more time to prepare for it 🙂

  3. bsuccf says:

    I loved the video and all the pictures you have included in your blog. It was a really good read, and enjoyed it very much.


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